Pre-K Counts

Partnering with Jersey Shore Area School District to bring you premium preschool education. 

pre k santaPre-K Counts is a state funded program meant to ensure that children between 3 years old and kindergarten age receive quality preschool education. 

The Pennsylvania Department of Education and schools across the nation have identified this time period in a child's life as highly critical to his/her future academic success. A basic premise of the program is that no family should be excluded from receiving premium preschool education, no matter their income or geographic locale. 

MOM'S INC. has since partnered with Jersey Shore Area School District to bring a Pre-K counts classroom to the area. Located in our McElhattan center, we daily transport children from the Jersey Shore and surrounding areas to their classroom, and back home again. Breakfast, snack and lunch are provided for all children, additionally. 

Pre-K Counts runs Monday-Friday from 8:15am-1:45pm in our McElhattan center. Please call (570)858-5400 for information about enrollment. 


Meet Ms. Erin White! She is a recent graduate of Clarion University of PA, with dual certifications in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. She has been part of the MOM'S INC. team since May 2014. While at Clarion, Ms. Erin also received a minor in Althletic Coaching, and participated in both soccer and track and field. She is passionate about education, both in the classroom and in a child's personal development.

Contact Ms. Erin by calling the McElhattan center at (570) 858-5400.