Childcare for All Ages

jersey shore summer picnic funChildcare at MOM'S INC. begins at 6 weeks old because we know that for many parents, work is a requirement in order to provide their family's with the essential support needed. We are here to assists parents wherever possible by providing quality, affordable care so they can rest easy while busy building a future for their children at work. 

We separate our classrooms by age, with infant (6 wks-1 year), toddler (1 year-3 years) and preschool (3 years-K) classrooms. At each age, there is a strict teacher-to-child ratio that ensures safe, appropriate supervision always.

Each classroom follows the Creative Curriculum, a theme-based curriculum throughout the year. Every day, cognitive thinking skills, fine & gross motor skills, listening, communication, team-building and ethics are taught through a variety of mediums. From fine arts to the math and sciences, our motto is to teach in ways that your individual child learns best, instead of one blanket approach. Additionally, all lesson plans are crafted by certified teachers and linked to common core standards.

By using a broad monthly theme, our teachers are able to specialize and individualize lesson plans for their specific classes and children. We invite interested parents to set up a tour in order to come check out all the really cool learning centers in every classroom that children are encouraged to explore and engage daily.